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When on website: +1 spam resistance +10 user annoyance

Gotta be fast! 500 in 10 minutes!

We're given a link to a website, which contains a picture of a Minecraft enchanting window. When we try to type into the input field, our input is displayed in the Standard Galactic Alphabet. The challenge description tells us that we need to solve 500 of these captchas in 10 minutes. Even if I were fluent in this language, it would be difficult to solve 50 of these in a minute.

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Dressing up dogs are kinda the new thing, see if you can get this lovely girl ready for her costume party. Dog Or Frog


When we visit the page, we are greeted with a submission form. The instructions tell us that this is a machine learning problem and to not approach it as a web-exploitation problem. The goal is to submit an image that is similar (on a byte-by-byte basis) that is similar to the dog, but is recognized as a tree frog.

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