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redpwnCTF - aall

Posted on June 25, 2020* in ctf-writeups


how many layers of vm are you on

like,, maybe 5, or 6 right now my dude

you are like a baby... watch this

nc 31755

We're also given a python file and a Dockerfile.


Looking at the python file shows that it writes out a file named breakout.aallo and calls exec on a string after base64-decoding and lzma-uncompressing it. We can modify the file to save the executed file to disk instead. It's a python script, but all of the variables are random unicode characters. Although the python interpreter is happy to run the code, it's nearly impossible to understand.

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redpwnCTF - tux fanpage

Posted on June 25, 2020* in ctf-writeups


My friend made a fanpage for Tux; can you steal the source code for me?


We're also given the source code:

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